Cebu City Tour

Enjoy Iconic landmarks around the City of Cebu

Discover Cebu's rich history and fascinating culture with our Cebu City Tour! This tour will take you to the city's prime tourist spots like the Fort San Pedro and the Magellan's Cross. Cebu City Tour will also let you explore the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, the Casa Gorordo, and the Heritage Monument. This tour also includes the Taoist Temple located in upscale Beverly Hills Subdivision. You can also opt to end your trip by shopping Cebu handicrafts as a souvenir or giveaways to your loved ones. Avail the Cebu City Tour and enjoy Cebu's iconic landmarks in this short excursion itinerary with your family!


Cebu City Tour - Fort San Pedro

Photo credit: Constantine Agustin on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

The 17th Century Bastion fort holds over 2000 square meters of land near the pier of Cebu. The Spanish design stronghold helped repel Japanese intruders and became a hospital for the wounded. Fort San Pedro was later restored and became a national historic landmark for tourist and guest. Nowadays, part of the landmark is a walking museum filled with Spanish artifacts, documents, and paintings. Enjoy a quick excursion inside the famous fort and be part of Cebu’s great Spanish history.


magellans cross cebu city tour
Located at the chapel grounds of Santo Nino Basilica is the 500-year-old cross of Ferdinand Magellan. The famous Portuguese navigator planted the cross to signify the procreation of the Roman Catholic faith in Cebu. Over 800 Filipino natives vowed into Catholicism under this chapel of worship. The encased Tindalo wood inside the chapel helps protect the remaining parts of the original cross from tourist. The place also offers different local merchandises from woodcraft, guitars, and souvenirs.


Santo Nino Church Cebu Regent Travel

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Explore one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church and home of the oldest religious relics in the Philippines!. The Basilica dates back to the mid-1500’s and founded by Father Andres de Urdaneta to commemorate the first Santo Nino figure. The pilgrim’s center houses valuable jewelry from rings to gifts from different devotees. Known for its fabulous events such as the “Fiesta Senor” brings out the spirit of devotion. This historical landmark is a must visit destination in Cebu and in the Philippines!


Cebu City Tour - Casa Gorordo Museum

Photo credit: Constantine Agustin on VisualHunt /CC BY-SA

The house of Casa Gorordo is a fine depiction of the Spanish colonial era and how the Filipino heritage paved a great role in its development. Within its walls and antiques comes with a story of great historical representation. Relive history as you passed down a lifestyle brought upon the Cebuano society up to the present-day. The place also has a store with products sold in different parts of the Philippines. This quick guided tour will give you a grasp of what life was during the 1800’s.


Heritage Monument Cebu

Photo credit: Constantine Agustin on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

The monument depicts Cebu’s history eventful war against Magellan and native chieftain Lapu-Lapu. An iconic statue carved with Cebu’s historical landmarks including Magellan’s Cross, Del Sto. Nino and Cebu’s Cathedral will give you a wonderful portrait finish for your whole Cebu trip!. The spot where the monument stands used to be a prominent district for the rich families of Cebu. Centered around trading, both Chinese and Spanish mestizos held lavish events that brought the cities bright beginnings!


Cebu taoist temple

Photo credit: shankar s. on VisualHunt / CC BY

Located in the private suburbs of Beverly Hills comes to a vast landscape of worship known as the Taoist Temple. The temple gives out a nice view of Cebu and the neighboring harbor giving you the perfect sunset picture to end your evening!. The modern design of the temple gives out a pristine feel that goes with the local Chinese devotees. Built in 1972, the temple is a sign of great fortune for the vast Filipino Chinese community that makes up 15% of Cebu’s population. Experience the wonderful scenery of the temple and have your wish granted at the chapel inside the property!

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