Regent Travel Helps Stranded Filipino Sea Farers from India

125 Filipino Sea Farers made it back Manila during the Covid-19 pandemic The efforts of four manning agencies and their hosting Charter Flight Airasia Philippines made this journey...Read More>>


Enjoy our hassle-free visa assistance in the Philippines to four Asian countries: China Visa, Taiwan Visa, Japan Visa, and Korean...Read More>>
Hanooi Year End Golf Holiday

Hanoi Year End Golf Holiday

Play golf at three selected courses and take a city tour at the Capital of Vietnam with our Hanoi Year End Golf Holiday for 5 Days!...Read More>>

PALmazing Ber-Months Deals

It's time to add a wish list for PAL-BER months special! Gather up your friends and family for an early holiday promo to your favorite destination! Book from Oct 10 to 15, 2017 Travel Period Oct 16 to Dec 31, 2017   INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS FARE...Read More>>

2018 Centara World Masters Golf Championship

2018 Centara World Masters Golf Championship is one of the biggest and extravagant annual amateur golf tournament in Huahin, Thailand  This event is also known as the Asia’s biggest and most enjoyed tournament of club golfers Thus,  2018...Read More>>