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Regent Travel Corporation is committed to providing customized quality services to local and foreign travelers. Other than its tours, golf, and marine services, it also offers assistance in processing travel documents.

VISA is one of the requirements an individual need in order to enter, leave, or stay in a country for a period of time. Thus, Regent Travel Corporation is here to provide you a hassle-free visa assistance in Philippines to four Asian countries: China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Stated below are the requirements and additional information you need for us to process your VISA.

For Chinese Visa Application Form, please click here.






Click the title to download forms, for the example/format of the Guarantee Letter provided by the embassy and for the Japan Visa Application Form.




For Korea Visa Application Form, please click here.


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  1. Navales Leziel says:

    Good day, i need some one to help for processing my chinese tourist visa application please


    Good Day! i would like to ask if do you process Turkey Visa? Thank you


    Good Day! I would like to ask if do you process Turkey Visa? Thank you

  4. David Avedisian says:

    Need assistance obtaining FULL details on a 9-A Visa for the Philippines. Can not afford the requisite deposit as required by an SRRV Visa. Looking to continually extend the 9-A to stay in Philippines very long term.

  5. Susan C. Cidro says:

    Hello i would like to inquire if you assist me in securing a U.K visa and how much will be the cost. Thank you.

    • Regent Travel Corporation says:

      HI Ms. Susan,

      Please email us on tours(at) for faster response or message on our official Facebook page. Thank you!

  6. Emmanuel says:

    I am Nigerian residing in The Philippines, can you help process a Chinese student visa?

    • Regent Travel Corporation says:

      Hello! We process visas for China. For a faster transaction, you can hit us up on our official Facebook: Regent Travel Manila.

  7. Denice Carmela Bautista says:

    How much amount is needed in the bank account for a Chinese visa?

  8. caixiara guerrero says:

    do you give assistance for US visa? my email is

  9. Julie Christie dela Cruz says:

    I need assistance to get a chinese visa

  10. Rhapsody Castaneda says:

    Hello, i just wanna ask if you could assist visa for Usa ?