Explore Taroko National Park & Other Tourist Attractions in One Day!
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Our Taroko Gorge Tour package features popular landmarks and various attractions. You'll get to explore this national park and the places around it. The Taroko National Park is known for preserving the nature and wildlife. It is also called The Marble Gorge since its area is filled with marbles. Found along the park are the Eternal Spring Shrine, Shallow Caves, and the Shakadang Trail. Usually, the tour will end at the Tianxiang Recreation Area before moving to the Chihsingtan Beach.


Taiwan Tours - Taroko National Park

Photo credit: hundredspring on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

Another must visit attraction in Taiwan is the Taroko National Park. It is also a part of Taiwan’s Nine National Park that features the beauty of nature and wildlife. Its area is filled with marbles hence also called The Marble Gorge. These rocks are actually sediments formed to limestones that metamorphosed into marble. More information about the rocks is going to be discussed by a tour guide while roaming the area. Tourists will also have the chance to visit various sights on this tour. Exploring Taroko National Park will definitely give you a memorable and interesting escapade.


Taiwan Tours - Eternal Spring Shrine

Photo credit: sanbeiji on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

One of the popular landmarks of Taroko National Park is the Eternal Spring Shrine. It is named after the Changchun Falls, thus also called as Changchun Shrine. This memorial shrine complex is definitely a picture-perfect attraction of the park. The shrine is actually located right above the waterfall streams. Likewise, with the mountains beside it, the shrine definitely gives a majestic scenery. Eternal Spring Shrine is purposely built to commemorate that veterans who died whilst building the Central Cross-Island Highway. 


Taiwan Tours - Swallow Caves

Photo credit: paularps on Visualhunt / CC BY

The best location to observe the Taroko Gorge is at the Swallow Caves. It is approximately situated in the middle of the park after the Buluowan. The rock walls that surround the river create a magnificent view of Taroko Gorge. In fact, these walls contain actual caves where spring swallow birds nested. These birds chirping and flying around brings life to the area of the flowing river. Thus, locals also called this place the Swallow Grotto. The center of the grotto also offers a grand view of the gorge from the east and west side. The east features the yellow-brown metamorphic gneiss rock. While grey-black marble rock can be seen in the west. The trail going to the Swallows Caves will also let tourists sight other attractions such as the Liwu River and Chieftain’s Profile Rock. 


Taiwan Tours - Shakadang Trail

Photo credit: Gavin Anderson on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

The Shakadang Trail is most well-known for its crystal-clear blue water. Thus, it is also recognized as the Mysterious Valley Trail. With its mystical vibe, travelers definitely find this place soothing and relaxing. The trail also let people observe the rock folds closer. This also includes the plant ecosystem beside the river valley. The Shakadang Trail turns into another enchanted place at the month of May. The Tung Tree Flowers bloom and creates a beautiful pathway of flowers. The flowers also filled the air just like a drizzle of snowflakes. 


Taiwan Tours - Tianxiang Recreation Area

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Usually, the end-tour around Taroko National Park is at Tianxiang Recreation Area. This village offers a great visitor center and various restaurants. There is also a bus station in the area that travelers can ride back to Hualien. You can still seize a free time of exploring the village before finalizing the tour. Take great photos and have fun sightseeing the plum garden, church, rivers, Pudu Bridge, and the Xiangde Temple. 


Taiwan Tours - Chihsingtan Beach

Photo credit: jiashiang on VisualHunt / CC BY

Discover the amazing Chishingtan Beach of the Hualien County. The waves and sunlight will definitely refresh your body and soul. Take great photos as this beach actually faces the Pacific Ocean. Yearly thousands of tourists visited this beach. You can also drop by at the Chihsing Tan Katsuo Museum if you want to explore the area more.

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