Yangmingshan National Park Hot Spring

Yamingshan National Park + Natural Thermal Hot Spring
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Our Yangmingshan National Park Hot Spring brings you a de-stressing type of tour. The park will get you closer to nature and the region's beautiful flora. Its main attraction is the Flower Clock which is also known as the Taipei Garden. There are short hiking trips that will also let you witness majestic scenery. Moreover, this tour package includes hot springs! Soothe your tired bodies Taipei's natural thermal hot springs.


Taiwan Tour - Yamingshan National Park and Hot Spring Tour

One of the nine national parks in Taiwan is the Yangmingshan National Park. It is near the City of Taipei and offers various tourist attractions. The park is popular for its cherry blossoms, hiking trails, sulfur deposits, and hot springs. Also, it is recognized as an urban forest and even known as the Taipei Garden. The main attraction of this park is its Flower Clock. It is accompanied by music played every hour and water runs around it. Found near the Flower Clock is a statue of the late-president Chiang Kai Shek. Surrounding it are Cypresses planted by himself. There are other historical and cultural sites you might also want to visit near the Yangmingshan National Park. 


Taiwan Tours - Beitou Hot Springs

Photo credit: Tydence on VisualHunt / CC BY

The District of Beitou is also known for its hot springs. Travelers will surely love to experience bathing in a natural thermal hot spring. The area is surrounded by nature thus a scenic view is guaranteed. Moreover, with the volcano around the area, various sources and types of hot springs were created. At Shamao Mountain, sulfuric acid springs are dominant. Meanwhile, the Pingdeng Village offers hot spring hotels and restaurants. Enjoying hot spring bath is a must for every traveler exploring Taiwan.

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