Sentosa Island Package

Be Entertained with Six Attractions at Sentosa Island!
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Chase your happiness at Sentosa Island in Singapore! Get our Sentosa Island Package and try six awesome attractions. See what's on top while riding the Singapore Cable Car and or at the Tiger Sky Tower. Discover the urban myth of the creature called Merlion at the Merlion Tower. Feel like meeting celebrities and renown persons? The Madame Tussauds Museum houses wax figures of popular personalities. Then, find out the rich history of the city with the Images of Singapore Live exhibition. You can also opt to try visiting an interactive amusement park, the 4D Adventureland! End the Sentosa Island Package with the awesome night show of the Wings to Time.


Sentosa Island Package - Cable Car

Photo credit: prinzipal on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Singapore Cable Car, a gondola lift, offers a breathtaking view of the Singapore’s main island. It provides a link and transportation from the Mount Faber to the resort island of Sentosa. Hence, Singapore Cable Car is one of the must-try to do and or ride by tourist at Singapore. 


Sentosa Island Package - Tiger Sky Tower


Tiger Sky Tower is the tallest observatory tower in Singapore. Its height is approximately 360-feet tall. To reach its top, tourists will ride a large disc-shaped air-conditioned cabin first. The cabin is actually made with glass windows around for visitors to be able to see the view as it revolves upward slowly. Its top view offers a panoramic view of Sentosa and the entire length of Singapore’s skyline. If the weather is clear, a part of Johor Bahru and skyline of Indonesia might also be visible. 


 Sentosa Island Package - Merlion Tower


The most well-known icon of Singapore is the mythical creature called Merlion. Located in the Sentosa Island is the 87-meter-tall Merlion Tower. Unlike other Merlion statues, the Merlion in Sentosa will let tourists discover by themselves its urban myth. Hints are actually can be seen on the attraction’s trail. The Sentosa Island’s Merlion is also the tallest and largest amongst other statues in Singapore. 


Sentosa Island Package - Wings of Time


The best way to end the tour at Sentosa is to watch the Wings of Time. Set at the outdoor of the island against the open sea, this is one of a kind night show. Wings of Time exhibit a display of water, laser, and fire effects. It is also accompanied by a music production and even fireworks, to sum up, a majestic night show. Wings of Time portrays a story the story entitled “Journey with Shahbaz.” It is a great story where viewers can learn about courage and friendship. 


Sentosa Island Package - Madame Tussauds Singapore


Discover what’s inside the Madam Tussauds Museum in Singapore. It houses wax figures of renowned celebrities, sports stars, music legends and more. Tourists can go around, take photos with the figures looking like they’ve met them in person. Discover the rich history of the city at the Images of Singapore Live exhibition. 


Sentosa Island Package - 4D Adventureland

Photo credit: Wootang01 on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Another must-visit thrilling amusement park in Singapore is the 4D Adventureland. This high-tech interactive entertainment place features three amazing attractions, Each attraction boast different rides will definitely give enjoyment to tourists. If you are looking for rides that will let you live up through your imagination, 4D Adventureland is definitely the place you are looking for!

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