Singapore Night Safari

Encounter Nocturnal Animals at Singapore's Night Safari + Various Shows!
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Go on a unique night adventure with our Singapore Night Safari package! Get the chance to meet nocturnal animals at the Night Safari. The night tour is definitely more interesting yet guaranteed safe. Friendly animals roam freely while the wild ones are kept behind the barricade. The package also comes with various shows. The Thumbuakar Performance is a fire-spitting show of a tribal group from Borneo. The Creatures of the Night Show showcases some animals' natural talents. The Singapore Night Safari package will definitely give you an awesome and exciting night. Tourist can also opt to end their tour at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant. Add a nostalgic and relaxing dining experience with your Singapore Night Safari adventure. This tour is perfect for the night people. While, morning people would not be disappointed to also be awake late at night for this adventure.


Singapore Night Safari - Safari Night Tour

Singapore’s Night Safari is the first safari park of nocturnal animals in the world. This lush rainforest measures around 35 hectares and is located near Singapore Zoo. Although called Safari, it has the qualities of a wildlife park more. The Singapore Night Safari will let you meet around 2,500 animals from over 130 species. To add are some endangered animals like the Asian Elephant, Malayan Tapik, and Tigers. Touring around Night Safari is guaranteed safe. The friendly animals like deer roam freely around while the wild animals are kept in cages. Exploring the Night Safari can be on a 35-minute tram ride or by a walking tour via one of the four walking trails. 


Singapore Night Safari - Thumbuakar Performance

Photo credit: shankar s. on / CC BY

Thumbuakar Performance is a fire-spitting show at the Night Safari. It is a great show starter before exploring the Night Safari. Thumbuakar is a group of tribal dancers from Borneo. The tribal dancers’ performance was added to the Night Safari for cultural dimensions. Thumbuakar Performance is usually shown as a fiery welcome at the park’s entrance. It is performed every hour from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 


Singapore Night Safari - Creatures of the Night Show

Photo credit: Allie_Caulfield on /CC BY

The Thumbuakar Performance is usually followed by the Creatures of the Night Show. For 25 minutes, natural talents of some animals are showcased. Other than encountering the animals, it’s also nice to discover the things they can do. Get amazed at watching the powerful jaws of a hyena or the great hunting skills of a serval. The Creatures of the Night Show is played at Night Safari’s amphitheater. Like the Thumbuakar Performance, it is played every hour from 7:30 PM and last at 10:30 PM.


Singapore Night Safari - Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

Photo credit: shankar s. on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Finish your Singapore Night Safari adventure at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant. The Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant offers popular Singapore dishes. Some are the chicken tandoori, chicken rice, ice kachang and more. The restaurant is set with an ambiance of a village. Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant will definitely give you nostalgic and relaxing dinner. Thus spoiling yourself with delicious food is a great way to end Singapore Night Safari tour.

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